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Friday, March 6th, 2009

Janelouise would like to thank her dedicated loving family for supporting her during the craziness and topsy turvy times in her life! ( don’t worry theres more of that to come!) Thankyou to…Esme, Geoff, Deano, Toddles, Pat, Sol, Samy Sam, Kal, Mick, Matt, Tashkah, Pips, Finn, Verna, Lj and Tom, Mrs Peabody, and Runiebug, Boop Boop, Polly-jean, Eddie T, Thelma Audrey, Arthur Carteman, Shassy, Dorothy, Maria and Cliff, Ebay, Josh, Dave, Kazu,  Lam, Angela,  Shawn, Nia Pia Muma Mia, Lainie, Vicky, Janelle, Kylie, Luke, Deb, Karen, Zanga, C.Brecon, Niandra, Janice, Jase, Lucy, Flick and Frances, Jen and Brad, Cas and Ian, Texas Betty, the gang at hardi, Nicola and Paul, Nick, Kev, and many many more for loving, laughing, and helping along the way.